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Gain access to incredible workouts, opportunities to drop the pounds through our body detoxification system and more.

Community and Network Support

Join like-minded people that want to see you succeed at your health and personal goals. Join groups, challenges and more.

Leadership, Mentoring and Events

From live and on-demand leadership classes and mentoring programs, TAVA Fit makes helping you get to your next level, personal.

Join the TAVA FIT Community

Join a community that cares, and together, let's live a healthy and wealthier lifestyle. Request an invitation to join. Opening May 2020.

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Take control of your own personal success. Create a personalized profile, upload before & after photos and more. 

Build a Network

Build a network with your own personal friends or meet new people. TAVA is not just a community, we are family.

Stay Inspired

Your weight-loss journey not only starts here, but it can also be maintained here. Be the inspiration or find it, in one place. 

Member Privileges 

Membership privileges include access to TAVA Fit Fitness Instructors, TAVA EasyTrainer Workouts and Nutrition programs.

On-Demand Access

We understand no two schedules are alike. Access on-demand classes at any time or sign up to join live sessions. 

Enjoy the Perks

TAVA believes in the rewards of success. As you meet your goals, watch out for exclusive member perks and rewards. 

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TAVA Fit Community is almost ready. Sign up and get to the alert and be one of the first to join.

TAVA Fit is coming soon. Request your invitation and be one of the first to know.

TAVA Fit is coming soon. Request your invitation and be one of the first to know.